Da Bomb!!

Hey there everybody!! It's been a while. So yeah, to sum what has been happening so far, I have reached that particular instant where things become more stressful than they already were. There are thesis prep and assignments but I try to sneak in some sketching time and watch anime whenever I can. Last night,... Continue Reading →


‘Motivational Video’

Hello there! So I watched this inspiring video about a young graduate who starts from scrap and works his way up to becoming the biggest businessman in the world. How? Back then he had tried all the existing odd jobs until... ...that was a joke by the way. Yes I've got something FREAKING SUGOII to... Continue Reading →

Bunch of Screen Shots (PT 3)

Hello hello!^^¬† So this one is quite different from the first two posts about the screen shots. These particular scenes caught my attention because of the situations the characters got involved in and the dialogues. Enjoy!   Watashi Ga Motete Dosunda       NANBAKA   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ NANBAKA   ¬†NARUTO     BUNGOU STRAY DOGS... Continue Reading →

A collection of quotes

"I get inspired by peeking and can write better pieces." - Jiraiya "This grown-up is disgraceful." - Uzumaki Naruto "When a weirdo gets even weirder, you just become a weird weirdo- A true pervert." - Saitama "Those who are less skilled tend to complain more." - Hatake Kakashi "To see what is right without doing... Continue Reading →

Right in the Kokoro

What's up everyone!! It's been a while. I recently caught up with the manga; Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) by Yana Toboso and hell, I wasn't ready for the amount of feels and WTFs. There's so much to talk about concerning this manga but for this particular post, I'll stick to what happened in the latest chapters.... Continue Reading →

Revisiting a Classic of the 70s

Did you ever hear the story of a fearless and romantic rebel who sails the seven seas of Space, aboard of a magnificent spaceship, the Arcadia, with his crew of iron-willed, dedicated, free and fun loving people. No longer a dweller of Earth yet he still goes there for one reason, Mayu. He wanders "the... Continue Reading →

The weirdest superhero you’ve ever seen

The golden age of superheroes. All those live action adaptation of comic books and merchandise are making fans emotional, nostalgic and pumped up. They made our childhood amazing and still play a big role in our lives even today. Just ask anybody out there, regardless of age and gender, about their favorite superheroes. Their answer;... Continue Reading →

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