The weirdest superhero you’ve ever seen


The golden age of superheroes. All those live action adaptation of comic books and merchandise are making fans emotional, nostalgic and pumped up. They made our childhood amazing and still play a big role in our lives even today. Just ask anybody out there, regardless of age and gender, about their favorite superheroes. Their answer; Batman, Storm, The power rangers, Super Saiyans, SAITAMA and characters from the Kamen Rider series.

Gets you all excited right but have you heard about this superhero: HENTAI KAMEN?

The first thing that strikes your attention is definitely the name. It’s very unusual, I must say. ‘Hentai‘ is a Japanese term meaning: ‘Weird’ and/or ‘pervert’. As for ‘Kamen‘ it means, ‘mask’. This manga might be a parody of the Kamen superhero series and Spider-Man.

So what’s with this pervy-mask superhero (aka Pantsu Man), created by Keishu Ando?


High school student, Kyosuke, innocent and calm by nature, has a strong sense of justice and is highly skilled in Kenpõ. As his late father, who was a detective, he aspires to be a policeman. He once rescued a girl, Aiko from bullies. However, she is later taken as a hostage with other civilians during a bank robbery. A panicked Kyosuke, successfully gets into the building and beats one of the criminals in the changing room. In the midst of switching clothes with the latter, instead of taking his mask, he unknowingly grabs a…panty which fell from one of the lockers. Upon wearing it he feels an immense pervy power surging within him (awakening his mother’s DNA. The latter being a part time S&M mistress).. Along with the panty mask, he wears only fishnets stockings and a thong. Starting from this day, Kyosuke uses his Hentai Kamen persona to defeat villains in weird yet traumatizing ways. Whenever he transforms and feels his  body overflowing with power, he goes GWOOOOOO (Just think about Bruce Lee’s epic yelling).screenshot_2017-06-05-00-27-31.png


The manga is 6 volumes long and doesn’t follow any arcs. It is rather episodic. Each chapter is a new adventure for Hentai Kamen. The usual issues. Bullies trying to takeover the Kenpo club and other villains causing a ruckus in public places. The story does not build up towards a specific situation or villain. Instead readers get a glimpse of Hentai Kamen’s different ero-techniques and Kyosuke’s daily life. Overall, the story is entertaining and hilarious. This manga will have you laughing for sure. It is a little NSFW tho.


“If there’s something strange in your neighborhood. Who you’re gonna call?”Oh don’t worry. Whenever there’s trouble, Kyousuke will accidentally or randomly comes across panties, be it on the streets, at a public bath and even from a balcony. It’s just a question of timing. Kyosuke is always in the right place at the right time. He gets a rush of super pervy power, beats up the vilains (Lord have mercy on them) and the victims, faint at the sight of Hentai Kamen. He definitely is no Batman…well he wears underwear but it’s neither within nor outside a suit. Obviously the victims, especially Aiko would get shocked.


The art style reminds me of Ranma 1/2 . It’s simple, accurate, hilarious, has a nostalgic feel to it and it’s a perfect fit for the comedy genre. The character design is accurate. Readers can easily distinguish between the villains and main characters. What adds to the humor in this context is definitely the facial expressions of the villains when they’re at the mercy of Hentai Kamen, the nosebleeds and the civilians’ traumatized expressions with eyes popping out. Kudos to the action scenes which are well drawn too. Additionally, Hentai Kamen’s pin up poses definitely stand out. Seeing it as an illustration in a manga is one thing but wait until you see it in the movies.


The other characters cannot be overlooked and all of them are funny in their own ways. They all have their own personality. Kyosuke’s mom, the dominatrix stores all her costumes and accessories in her house( aka where Hentai Kamen gets other equipment later in the manga) itself. Her fashion tastes must be questioned. screenshot_2017-06-05-00-16-49.png

As for Aiko, the love interest. She secretly fangirls over Hentai Kamen. Whenever she gets nervous, she overdoes things to a great extent. There was that one time when she was bandaging Kyosuke’s injuries and she blushed so much, she turned him into a mummy. Wait until you see Aiko’s butler who goes to the extent of following the latter without her knowledge whenever she is alone with Kyosuke because he has doubts concerning the young man. He appears out of nowhere in funny ways scaring the hell out of the protagonist.


Other characters who later appear are the Chinese professional martial artists siblings, Shuuto and Shuuka . Shuuka, as Hentai Kamen has pervy powers of her own (Honorable Lusting Fist…) which she uses to lure opponents and beats them K.O. Her brother, has the Kenpo teacher totally drooling over him. An amazing martial artist but also a very good cook.

Screenshot_2017-06-11-20-33-09 Screenshot_2017-06-11-17-32-05

Hentai Kamen fights against rather goofy villains and Lord have mercy on them when he gives them a taste of justice.screenshot_2017-06-05-00-17-45.png

Special mention to HK junior. Kyosuke becomes a dad and his baby, Kyotaro accidentally falls on a panty thus awaking the pervy genetics within him. At this point underestimating the baby would be a very bad mistake.

Moreover, the timing for Hentai Kamen’s puns is on point…PUNISHMENT!!


Hentai Kamen is indeed a hilarious and memorable read. You might be asking yourself throughout the manga about whatever went on in the mind of the mangaka to give us something as such but it’s worth it. Sometimes the chapters might look boring but it gets funnier.

Special Appearances in the manga: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Lee (Burusuu Sensei).

There’s more to it. The manga was adapted into 2 live action movies; HK: Forbidden Superhero (2013) and the sequel Hentai Kamen: The Abnormal Crisis. It just gets weirder.

That’s it for today.

See you soon (^.^)

HK Hentai Kamen 2013 DVDRip x264 AAC-JYK 03.png
…and it sounds so normal to him XDD



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